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Powered by FTN Data, Rotoballer, and USA Today Sports’ images, Legion Sports is the app that every fantasy football connoisseur needs! Legion Sports is the perfect platform to accompany you in your fantasy football fight; it provides holistic guidance, found through crowdsourcing the fantasy football community, utilized in determining who to start or sit in weekly lineups. Within the app, you can customize unique matchup inquiries that are responded to by authentic fantasy sports devotees. Worldwide, users are ranked according to their knowledge of fantasy football. Climb the leaderboard by contributing helpful advice and exchanging views on matchups, earning the appreciation you deserve in fantasy football. 

Legion Sports makes choosing a lineup simpler than it’s ever been. By submitting your questions on the platform in the form of matchups, a community of thousands of fantasy football savants will potentially guide you in making the right choice. Legion Sports will support you in putting the finishing touches on your fantasy roster. Create polls to have the Legion Sports community offer you the confirmation you crave to confidently establish your fantasy squad. Along with the overall performance of any given player, real-time statistics are displayed to decide the success of each answered poll and matchup. These statistics are shown in two variations, a legion rating, and a star rating.

When establishing matchups, users filter by position and choose athletes from an active player database. There’s even a way to prioritize your inquiry and show the Legion Sports audience just how important your match is by boosting it. Alongside boosting your questions, you can also skip questions that you’re hesitant on answering. Legion loot can be purchased and leveraged to obtain such boosts & skips. Legion loot is a valuable virtual currency found only as a benefit to downloading the Legion Sports app. Such purchases grant the capacity to skip on responding to difficult questions. A weekly award of Legion loot is partitioned to each and every member of the community; use the awards to go further in fantasy football. 

Vote on polls and resolve inquiries from the Legion Sports community to achieve a ranking. Rankings range from a free agent, rookie, veteran, all-star, hall of fame, to GOAT (the top-performing user). Answer questions generated by the Legion Sports community and compete on the leaderboards to demonstrate your fantasy football mastery. Become the Legion Sports

Seasonal Champion, the GOAT, by acting as the most excelling participant on the platform. Earn shields by providing fantasy football counsel that allows you to climb the leaderboard and gain the acknowledgment of your fantasy sports expertise. Each shield compounds in honor of every solid account of accomplishment on the app. Learn from your ratings– the average accuracy rating for the users who picked each player within a weekly matchup (Star rating), as well as the proportion of users that opted for each player at the time of that matchup (Legion rating). The higher the intensity of triumph per matchup, the higher one’s rating rises compared to the rest of the community. Navigating the app goes without complication, the bottom banner allows users to browse by clicking on respective icons. Icons include the options to choose from the user profile, create, answer, leaderboard, and search. A participant’s profile can include a username, a brief bio, an image, and direct messages. Generate a unique profile, interact with other users, and follow vetted fantasy specialists. To showcase a user’s performance whilst addressing matchups, activity, and accolades will be highlighted. You’ll be able to see a history of your prior matchups, regardless if you answered or created them. Subscribe to updates within the Legion Sports community via our newsletter, join our Discord community, or even apply for a Brand Ambassador Internship. The app’s toxic-free community proves to be helpful in achieving success throughout every fantasy football circuit. Legion Sports provides the greatest, most equitable, and challenging atmosphere for you to prove your skills and put your fantasy football knowledge to the test.